Hello there! I’m Paulo, a 25 years old telecommunications engineer based in Santa Catarina, Brazil. I studied at the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina and you can find my bachelor’s thesis, entitled Secure and Reliable Firmware Update, here. Currently I’m working at the Embedded and Distributed Systems Laboratory (LaSED in portuguese), developing the specification and the proof of concept of an embedded low-cost secure fiscal authorizing device for the state of Santa Catarina.

I’ve mostly used Python and C++ in the past months, but I have some experience in Java, VHDL, MatLab and C (do not ask me to write your front end page).

In my free time, I use to play online games 🎮, read books 📚 and learn about financial market 📈. Also, I do live coding and play games at twitch, feel free to follow me there!

You can reach me in my e-mail. Navigate through the sidebar to know more about my projects and publications and if you like my work, buy me a coffee ☕😛.